The Amazing Toppclip

As one of the distribution leaders for shipping supplies in Miami, TOTALPACK has explored various products to help companies reduce operational costs and increase their overall efficiency. One tool that has caught the eye of many is the amazing Toppclip. Toppclips are designed to secure a pallet by indicating evidence of tampering with banding or strapping. Thieves can easily access pallets with conventional banding and remove or replace it with little skill or effort. Once this banding is removed, the contents can be removed or contraband can be added. By adding Toppclip to your inventory of shipping supplies, these pilferage problems will diminish. Once applied on crates, totes, or slip trays, this handy tool makes tampering or replacement of the banding extremely difficult without leaving signs of meddling.

The Toppclip is comprised of a metal clip for banding, a plastic adjustable seal, and a tamper evident warning label. The combination of these shipping supplies provides an armored seal to keep thieves out. The great thing about this tool is each component has a unique serial number. If the shipper records the number before sending the package and the receiver verifies it upon arrival, both individuals are assured that no one has tampered with the package, decreasing stress and concern on both ends. The Toppclip meets the chain of custody specifications of the TSA for sealing CCSF (Certified Cargo Screening Facilities) containers.

shipping supplies miamiAdding the Toppclip to your shipping supplies portfolio, whether you operate in Miami or not, will greatly benefit your company. If your shipments are damaged or stolen, your company has to resend the package all over again (this entails labor, shipping, and insurance expenditures). So why not initially avoid all the hassle and invest in a Toppclip? Here is a step-by-step installation guide to show you how easy this one-of-a-kind instrument is to apply:

1) Prepare the pallet – use cardboard or wood panels

2) Tension the strapping – continuous with no crimps (any other crimping devices would be a sign of tampering)

3) Crimp metal clip to secure banding

4) Crimp adjacent clip

5) Tension cross strapping

6) Crimp second metal clip

7) Crimp second adjacent clip

8 ) Punch hole in strapping – position punch over the hole in the metal Toppclip. Punch 1/8” diameter hole in the strapping through the Toppclip hole.

9) Affix the plastic seal – thread through the hole and into the plastic seal and cinch tight

10) Affix the wire seal – through the hole, rotate the tab to cinch tight. Break off the tab to minimize meddling

11) Affix the tamper evident label

12) Record serial numbers

13) Send your shipment!

Tackling Void Fill

shipping supplies miamiIt is neither practical nor time efficient for most distributors to stock multiple container sizes to accommodate shipping different product weights and sizes. Therefore, most items get shipped in boxes that are generally too big. So, what is the easiest way to fill the boxes and protect the product from shipping damage?

The solution is void fill. Void fill is packing the remainder of the box with materials to hold the product in place. The shipping supplies used to tackle this task include crumpled paper, loose peanuts (Styrofoam or biodegradable), or air pillows. All of these products serve the same universal purpose: to keep your goods from shifting and potentially breaking. Before choosing one method over another, it is advisable to consider several areas.

First take into account the product’s weight and size. Items that take up most of the box probably only need a small amount of peanuts or crumpled paper. There is no point in trying to fit shipping supplies like air pillows or bubble wrap into such a tiny space. Consider storage and cleanup, too. Some materials, such as peanuts, must be shipped to and stored in your facility and will always be on the floor taking up useful inventory space. Next, think about the fragility of your shipment. If the merchandise is considered very delicate or breakable, you will want a shipping product with more stability – use air pillows.

shipping supplies miamiAir pillows (otherwise known as inflatable packaging) save time and money when packing boxes. They are produced by a small, effortless machine where the controller can adjust the air-fill levels and select pillow sizes that best suit his or her needs. One of the most obvious benefits of using air pillows is its increased durability. This shipping product is ideal for heavier, delicate objects because it can handle more weight than peanuts or paper.

The point is your selected method of void fill really depends on what products and quantities you are shipping. For instance, if you have a small business in Miami that ships clothing, there really is no need to invest in air pillows. Since clothes are generally unbreakable, crumpled paper would be the perfect shipping product for this situation. Whatever void fill technique you choose to implement, TOTALPACK has you covered. Located in Miami, FL, we sell everything from packaging peanuts to inflatable air pillows and inflator tools. Check it out for yourself!