Innovative Packaging Techniques

Shipping fragile and expensive merchandise is always a stressful process. Ensuring that your products arrive at their final destination in one piece is paramount to both your commodities and reputation. Industries have been shipping these vital packages for years and by now, we all know what has to be done to assure a safe delivery. You first wrap the merchandise in bubble wrap, place it in a cardboard shipping container, add a bag of packing peanuts, and then seal and address your package for shipment. As far as this procedure goes, there have not been extreme improvements to packaging and shipping supplies – until now.

A clever packaging technique called foam-in-place was discovered to replace the out-dated bubble wrap and packing peanuts. This packaging system involves two chemicals: isocyanate and Polyol (resin). Foam-in-place is applied through a gun that enables the two chemicals to remain separate until the time of the application. Once these intermix, they create a foam-like reaction. This foam then grows and takes the shape of whatever material is being shipped. Instead of buying and using bubble wrap to protect your merchandise, all you have to do is wrap it once in a film and apply the foam-in-place on both the bottom and top of the product. Once the foam hardens, you can close and seal the package.

Its minimal space requirement, easy installation and maintenance, and safety features make this product very desirable for companies who ship fragile and expensive packages often. The main disadvantage to this foam-in-place method is the cost. The chemicals and gun applicator can be pricey, so not every small business will be able to afford this right away. However, any expenses you may incur due to broken merchandise will cost you more in the long-run and you will constantly have to replace mishandled items if not insured (not to mention, the cost of insurance can put a damper on your expenses). By replacing some of your current shipping and packaging supplies with foam-in-place, you will decrease your time spent on packaging as well as your overall material waste. You will not have to worry about damaged products or customer dissatisfaction because your items will always arrive in one piece.

Packaging and shipping supplies are generally standardized, making it simple for the consumer to choose cheaper brands over more expensive ones. With this modernized packaging technique, you can be sure to differentiate your company by using foam-in-place. Here is a step-by-step account of the foam application process:

packaging and shipping supplies

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