The Latest Cardboard Trend

cardboard shipping containerIndividuals choose cardboard shipping containers everyday as a method to ship both personal items and business products across the country. The two most common types of boxes are single wall and double wall. The wall refers to the number of corrugated boards each side is comprised of. Of course, double wall is much sturdier than single wall and can support up to 150 lbs more.

Already more than a $17 billion industry, the demand for cardboard shipping containers is predicted to rise annually 2.4% through 2014. Since concern for the environment is an ever-growing issue, the need to recycle such products is essential. Over 90% of products in the U.S. are sent in cardboard shipping containers, 70% of which are recovered to either recycle or reuse. Fortunately, the boxes are produced without any wax or chemicals so they are an extremely easy material to salvage. These containers can be transformed into paperboards, clipboards, paper towels, or just simply reused for shipment of other items.

A Work of Art

cardboard shipping containers
This paper artist paints the inner cardboard tubes from toilet paper and folds them into expressive faces, each distinct and charming despite their humble origins.

Who doesn’t love art that breaks the mold? Many professional and aspiring artists have been turning these cardboard shipping containers into their own masterpieces. Cardboard is an effortless material to paint on and allows the artists to express themselves while providing real solutions for cost and eco-friendliness. From toilet paper rolls to industrial cardboard, everything is a potential canvas. You don’t have to be Pablo Picasso to create a work of art, and your materials have never been more accessible. Why not create a beautiful painting or 3-D animal while consciously helping promote eco-friendly activities?

cardboard shipping containers
This colorful imaginary world is titled 'Cartoonlandia,' created by Ana Serrano. She explains, “Recently I’ve been working with cardboard because I find it easy to handle and manipulate, but also I like that it’s a mundane and familiar material.”

Where To Buy

Here at TOTALPACK, Inc., we offer a variety of different shapes and sizes of cardboard shipping containers. Typically our products are used for shipping purposes but as you can see, there are no limits to the imagination! Our boxes have a high crush resistance and are extremely sturdy, ensuring your artwork will last for years. Whether you would like to try a new, innovative style of art or simply ship gifts and supplies to a friend, the uses for cardboard shipping containers are boundless!

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