A Look Inside International Paper

corrugated boxes miamiHere at TOTALPACK, we keep a substantial amount of products in stock in our Miami warehouse. These products include janitorial supplies, stretch film, corrugated boxes and sheets, among many others. We do produce some of these products in-house (like our custom tapes and labels) but most are delivered by a third party and stored in our warehouse until distribution. One company that produces corrugated boxes is International Paper (IP). International Paper is the leader in the paper and packaging industry with operations in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and North Africa.

International Paper manufactures a plethora of products besides corrugated boxes. Production from IP ranges from paper to cups to fluff pulp, even retail displays. We carry two types of their cardboard shipping containers: single and double wall. The main difference between the two is the number of corrugated sheets in each panel of the package. Corrugated boxes with a double wall can support more weight and are sturdier than those made with only one wall.

We take pride in our brands and are excited to know that International Paper is one of North America’s largest recycler of office paper and corrugated boxes. With 21 recycling facilities across North America, 15 containerboard mills, and a significant national brokerage system, IP collects, consumes, and markets more than 6 million tons (approximately 10%) of all paper recovered annually in the United States. International Paper collects and processes this recovered paper and corrugated boxes at their own plants as well as purchases recovered items from outside sources. The recovered paper is then used by their mills to create new paper products or is sold to other manufacturers across the globe.

If you’re looking for shipping containers in the Miami area and don’t want to spend a fortune at your local office supply store, we offer a variety of shapes and sizes. Corrugated boxes from TOTALPACK ensure quality and cost savings for your company, all while supporting recycling trends!