Sticky Problems, Easy Solutions

packaging tape
Pouch/Pad tape

If you wish to add that extra “umph” to your packaging, consider adding pouch packaging tapes and adhesive pads to your inventory. Both of these adhesives protect paperwork from moisture, tearing, and smudging on the exterior of packages. Whether you need to include work instructions, important documents, or promotional information, these little pouches are ideal to meet all these needs. Pouch packaging tape is made from clear polypropylene with a synthetic rubber adhesive. It can stretch around bulky documents with glue on all four edges, leaving the center adhesive-free to allow room for paperwork. These pouches are extremely efficient because they are linerless and allow for an effortless peel and stick application that will not pop or rub off. Usually, this packaging tape is equipped with a bright-colored (red or orange) border with messages like “Packaging list enclosed” or “Documents enclosed”. Packaging pads are very similar to pouches, just a little thicker. The pads are portable, convenient, and pre-cut with easy peel liner strips. They also feature an adhesive-free center for paperwork and some form of “Documents enclosed” message border. Since they are pre-cut and ready for application, pads require no bulky dispensers or cutting tools.

packaging tape
Business forms tape

Another type of useful packaging tape is business forms tape. The backing on this tape is wider than the adhesive, leaving the tape with a dry edge and making it easier to remove. Business forms tape is also referred to as extended liner tape and can be processed from paper, plastic, or unsupported adhesives for permanent or removable applications. It is perfect for envelopes, bags, lightweight signs, and business forms. Within the category of business forms packaging tape, there are four specific types of adhesives:

1. T-tak tape is tissue paper soaked in an aggressive rubber based adhesive. It sticks well to paper, light plastics, and metal services.

2.Hi-Lo tapes are double coated with a permanent adhesion on the “hi” side and a removable adhesion on the “lo” side. This tape is widely used to make reclosable bags, temporary signs or displays, and removable labels.

3. Unsupported adhesive tapes (or transfer tapes) are made from pure adhesives, almost like rubber cement on a roll. There is no internal structure to support the adhesive so they can be fussy to work with.

4. Last but not least there are bag-making tapes. These tapes have a plastic backing that can be side welded during the bag-making process and are either permanent or removable.

Who ever said packaging tape was a simple industry? The endless variety of tape offers solutions for all your sticky problems while simultaneously adding value to your products and company.