It’s Just Cardboard…Right?

cardboard shipping containers
These multi-depth boxes are scored so you can easily cut them to the height you need

Like many inventions, cardboard shipping containers were born by sheer accident. In the 1870s an American printer named Robert Gair cut a paper seed bag by mistake with a metal ruler. He quickly realized he could create a sturdier container with paperboard. Fast forward 140 years later – cardboard boxes are produced from a variety of materials in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. There are three main materials cardboard shipping containers are made with today: corrugated fiberboard, paperboard, and recycled items. Corrugated fiberboard consists of a folded flute corrugated sheet encased in one or two flat linerboards. (The linerboards are generally from containerboards, which are paper-thick.) Fiberboard was first used in the mid 19th century to bundle pottery and glass containers and is now widely used to produce containers and corrugated boxes for shipping and storage. Another option when manufacturing cardboard shipping containers is paperboard. Paperboard is thicker and stronger than paper and is either singled stuffed or multi-ply. It is extremely lightweight and can be transformed into containerboard, folding boxboard, bleached/unbleached board, or chipboard. Finally, there is the increasingly popular recycled cardboard shipping container. Solid wood pulp manufacturers usually make recycled products by turning old boxes and sheets into useable materials. These alone result in a 24% power savings and thus less space occupied at your local landfill.

cardboard shipping containers
This easy fold mailer has an efficient adhesive strip to secure your package

These three materials are usually transformed into your standard square shipping or storage box; however, multi-depth boxes and easy-fold mailers are two other options. Multi-depth cardboard shipping containers have sides creased at intervals, so all you need to do is cut to the desired height and you have a custom-sized carton with a perfect fit. These boxes are strong, durable, and are usually produced from corrugated fiberboard. By using these adjustable containers, you can save money and warehouse space.

Easy-fold cardboard mailers can either be corrugated or not, and when first impressions matter, they are an excellent product to consider. Mailers offer protection for mailing, storing, shipping, and displaying products. They are crush resistant and require no glue, tape, or staples. Instead, they are equipped with an adhesive strip for sealing and an easy-open tear tab for quick access. These cardboard shipping containers can be custom printed to provide that extra detail that will distinguish your company from the rest.