Metal Adhesive Tapes

Paper, cloth, polyester, and metal – tapes are made of many different materials to meet the demands in a variety of industries. Particularly used in the industrial, appliance, marine, and aerospace industries, foil adhesive tapes offer economical solutions for a number of tasks. Foil tapes are mainly desired because they offer extreme malleability and conform well to irregular and curved surfaces. The three most common foil tapes are aluminum, lead, and copper.

adhesive tapeAluminum adhesive tape can either be manufactured with rubber or acrylic glues, with or without a liner. A rubber adhesive is efficient for moderate demand applications. The tape is soft aluminum foil coated with an aggressive hot melt synthetic rubber paste and has a removable release liner. More aggressive versions are used for fiberglass duct board systems on seams and joints to maintain the integrity of the vapor barrier. Acrylic adhesive tapes are also used for vapor barrier protection, as well as for waterproof sealing, heat reflection & dissipation, and masking in paint stripping & electroplating. If the tape is processed without a liner it is self-wound, making it an excellent harness wrap tape. Utilized for non-critical applications (sealing out dust and moisture), the non-lined foil adhesive tape saves time and labor in stripping of release liners and produces much less waste. Since it is widely used in refrigerated appliances and microwave ovens, the high reflectivity assures effective heat, light interference, and electrical insulation shielding. Overall, aluminum foil tape is an aggressive, long-lasting, pressure-sensitive adhesive that demonstrates superior bonding when exposed to both sub-zero and elevated temperatures.

Copper foil adhesive tape is the second type of foil tape. It has excellent solderability and creates a superior bond. Preferred in the telecommunications industry, copper foil tape can be conductive and has a very low rate of electrical resistance. It is also used for electro-static shielding, cable wrapping, stained glass work, and other arts and crafts. Many users also choose this tape because it is annealed and non-tarnishing.

Last, we have lead foil adhesive tape. This is made of 100% pure lead foil and is highly pliable for the most intricate patterns. It can be applied to metal, glass, films, foils, or paper as a mask to eliminate the chemical impacts of electroplating or chemical milling. Like the other two types, lead foil tape can be applied as a moisture barrier or for thermo pane window sealing and has a weather, solvent, and heat resistant coating.

All in all, the shiny, UV resistant foil backing on these adhesive tapes offers unlimited benefits. An enhanced appearance, excellent reflective and flame retardant properties, and resistance to cracking and lifting around irregular surfaces are just a few advantages that come to mind. Purchase your first roll and find out for yourself!