Stretch Netting

stretch wrapStretch wrap is most commonly used to wrap pallets and secure items together as one bulk shipment. However, many different industries use various types of stretch wrap to meet their needs. One popular kind of film is stretch netting, which is lightweight stretch wrap manufactured with little holes for ventilation. This is widely used to protect flowers, produce, dairy, meat, lumber, and many other products across an array of industries. Stretch netting is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and has a standard strength of 140lbs. Companies use this type of stretch wrap primarily if they face problems with condensation causing the product(s) to spoil. For instance, some products are boxed and palletized while they are still warm, so this gives moisture time to collect on the inside of the cling film and eventually deteriorates the boxes and sometimes damages the goods themselves. Condensation also causes other problems such as rust on tins and caps, discoloration of packaging and labels, and impaired performance of glues. Due to its well-vented makeup, this stretch wrap also shortens freezing and defreezing time because the moisture can escape faster and products are subject to an even cooling process. In addition to eliminating condensation and allowing frozen products to evenly thaw, stretch netting maintains the freshness of perishable products by providing optimal air circulation (mainly for plants and produce).

stretch wrapVery similar to netting is a specific type of stretch wrap called Air Flow. Air flow is a die cut pallet wrap that services the agricultural, industrial, and manufacturing industries. Just like the stretch netting, Air Flow releases condensation from the pallet, reduces spoilage, and evenly cools products wrapped in the film. This wrapping is recyclable and requires less landfill space, reducing your company’s waste output. Air Flow is practical for any business, saving labor time and effort by its quick and easy installation. The film works on conventional stretch wrap machines, never has to be tied off, and only requires one person to apply.

The next time you need to ship an item that requires air ventilation to either preserve its freshness or prevent it from spoiling, consider stretch netting as an alternative. This stretch wrap netting is extremely efficient, cost effective, and ensures that no internal heat will materialize. This product is available upon request at a competitive price at TOTALPACK. Just call 305-597-9955 today!