What is a Gaylord Box?

moving boxesOften called a “bulk box” or “tote box,” a recent trend in the utilization of moving boxes has caused industries to adopt Gaylord boxes into their daily routines. Manufactured differently than basic moving boxes, Gaylord boxes are built for storage. If you have multiple products that do not conform neatly into a stackable, modular load, these boxes are the perfect fit. They are designed to hold up to 1,800 pounds and work flawlessly when moving large shipments.

Gaylord boxes are made from corrugated fiberboard, which is either double or triple wall for added strength. Some have flaps on the bottom of the main body to attach to the base while others have a separate base (similar to the cover) and a sleeve for the sidewalls. Different types of Gaylord boxes also come with an optional lid to completely seal the container.

The great advantage of these large moving boxes is the ability to store and transport large, bulk quantities. Also, most are constructed to fit pallets to ensure easy vertical loading. Industries might use Gaylord boxes for loose parts, mixed small containers, granular materials, powders, liquids, and sometimes to collect and ship materials for recycling and waste. Due to the large capacity of these moving boxes, transporting hazardous bulk items is not entirely safe, so extra measures must be enforced. For instance, when companies are shipping hazardous waste or dangerous goods, the construction and use of the Gaylord boxes are highly regulated.

All in all, Gaylord moving boxes are extremely durable and their secure construction outlasts standard corrugated boxes. They reduce handling time, discourage pilferage, and decrease the risk of damage or loss during storage and transit. If you need to consolidate smaller moving boxes into a single container, Gaylord boxes are definitely the way to go.