UN Certified Packaging

A various assortment of packages can be classified as dangerous, hazardous, or high-risk, and thus require a special type of corrugated box. Whether the shipment contains paint, solvents, or explosives and fuming acids, they are required to be shipped in UN Certified corrugated boxes. The United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods is responsible for issuing these unique boxes. From Miami to London to Taiwan, they provide the basis of all national and international regulations for the safe transport of dangerous goods.

In order for a package to become “UN Certified,” it must pass rigorous testing procedures to ensure it can withstand normal transportation conditions. First, all packages need to pass a drop test. The UN places each corrugated box into a danger group (high, medium, or low), which then determines its drop height. All packaging (except bags) is tested to see if similar boxes of identical weight can be stacked on top without causing damage. Liquid packages also undergo leak proof and hydrostatic testing. The purpose of the hydrostatic test is to ensure that no leakage of liquid occurs due to vapor pressure build-up at various temperatures. Because certain chemicals can emit a vapor that increases as the temperature changes, shipments must be built to withstand the internal pressure that is created.

corrugated boxes miamiAfter packages pass these tests, they are assigned a UN stamp and number and are officially certified. These codes are highly detailed and contain the:

  1. Type of container
  2. Material of construction
  3. Category within the type
  4. Packaging group for which container was tested
  5. Density or specific gravity of material packed (or mass gross weight for solids)
  6. Hydraulic pressure in kilo-Pascal (or gross mass for solids)
  7. Current year
  8. Country where container was manufactured
  9. Code for manufacturing plant


So what do these boxes look like? They are usually heavy-duty corrugated boxes specific for batteries, glass, metal, plastic, electronics, and other solid hazardous materials. Some UN certified packages come with a honeycomb insert and a liner bag for added protection. If you are shipping absorbent materials, vermiculite is required. (This is a natural packing mineral that is known for its high absorbency and expands when exposed to heat.)

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