Sealing Your Shipments

packaging tapeDeciding what type of packaging tape will serve you best can be a challenging task. There are numerous sizes, styles and brands available, so learning the various kinds will allow you to greatly narrow your search. This process is critical because packages can get damaged in transit simply due to a sender’s poor choice of packaging tape.

All packaging tape serves the same purpose: to seal a shipment. However, many tapes are specially designed to complete a unique job while holding the package together. For instance, some brands are biodegradable while others are imprinted to warn handlers of fragile items. Regardless, the natural rubber solvent of these tapes makes them ideal for any industrial environment. Now let’s explore your options:

UPVC Packaging Tape

UPVC stands for Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride. This tape is practical for sealing recycled cartons and works best with cold temperature applications. UPVC packaging tape uses a solvent-based rubber adhesive and is often printable and heat-shrinkable. Various colors are available for more efficient color-coding, carton bundling, and splicing.

Polyester Packaging Tape

Polyester tape comes equipped with an extremely aggressive hot melt rubber based adhesive that ensures instant holding power and provides a quick reliable seal. This packaging tape is resistant to various chemicals and corrosion, offering a great value and guaranteed protection. Polyester tape is heavy duty and provides exceptional tear and impact resistance.

Polypropylene Packaging Tape

For initial quick stick and cold temperature applications, polypropylene tape is the ideal choice. This tape uses an acrylic, water-based adhesive to deliver a high strength performance. It is a great balance of adhesion and tensile strength for heavy weight carton sealing applications. Polypropylene tape provides a long shelf life and reliable performance in extremely hot or cold weather conditions. The crystal clear versions of this packaging tape are non-yellowing, UV resistant, contain no fish eyes, and are sometimes even used for lamination.

As you can see, each type of packing tape is designed to perform a function specific to your needs. At TOTALPACK you can browse our assorted polypropylene tapes to find the right fit for your packages. Whether you need 3-inch wide crystal clear tape or slimmer brightly colored tape, we’ve always got you covered.