The Various Uses of Cloth Tape

Cloth tape is an adhesive tape made with a cloth backing or core. The duct tape isadhesive tape coated with polyethylene to create a higher quality paste. Instead of using a natural adhesive, cloth tape is equipped with a synthetic one so it can be removed easily and leaves little or no residue. The use of cloth makes the tape especially durable and rugged, and promotes flexibility, which can be valuable for certain projects. Also, most cloth adhesive tapes have pinked edges that reduce the chance of fraying, thus maximizing the life of the tape roll. There are a number of different styles of cloth tape on the market that can be used for a variety of purposes.

First, we have utility grade cloth tape. Some utility cloth tapes are pressure-sensitive, which means that they are designed to adhere with pressure, not with an adhesive. These tapes are useful in projects where things need to be held together without leaving residue behind. Utility grade tape is used for bundling, heavy carton sealing and general maintenance.

Industrial grade cloth adhesive tape is ideal for irregular surfaces. It does not twist or curl during application, making industrial grade tape extremely user-friendly and time efficient. This tape is used for export shipments, splicing, vinyl repair, and general protection.

adhesive tapeIn the medical world, cloth tape (surgical tape) is often used for bandages, as it will bend and flex with the body, and pressure-sensitive dressings can be used to gently cover injuries. Cloth adhesive tape is made with zinc oxide and speeds healing. Because of this, surgical tape is increasingly replacing sutures thus reducing the risk of superficial skin infections. It is also used to secure intravenous lines, ventilation tubes, and other medical equipment in place.

A wide range of colors is available, from classic unbleached white to hot pink and even camouflage. Fluorescent cloth tapes have recently found a new market – the night amusement industry. Since this cloth adhesive tape is easy to unwind and can bond to any surface, it has increasingly been used in nightclubs, music halls, or show windows utilizing a black light.

A roll of all-purpose cloth tape such as duct tape can be a very useful tool to keep around the house, as it will come in handy for an assortment of tasks. No matter what your mission, you can find a cloth adhesive tape that will impeccably suit the job.