Why Not Use Wax?

Both distributors and customers know that the cardboard shipping container chosen cardboard shipping containersfor different shipments is sometimes as important as the product itself. It is imperative for a company that the item ordered arrives at its final destination in the same condition it was packed in. No consumer awaiting a produce shipment would appreciate receiving a soaking wet box instead of a stiff, sturdy, dry one. Introducing wax cardboard shipping containers – the effective way to ship temperature sensitive products. The package you are choosing to ship goods in can either make or break your company’s reputation and deeply impact your overall quality rating.

Wax cardboard shipping containers are widely used to ship perishable items that need to remain fresh and inedible products that are expected to travel through harsh weather conditions. They are specifically designed to withstand cool room storage facilities and are ideal for shipping seafood, poultry, and produce (some can actually keep items frozen for long periods of time). These boxes usually have various holes along the top and side panels to allow for air ventilation. The type of wax used is an odorless, tasteless paraffin wax. The paraffin wax can produce a gloss and resist friction, moisture, odor, grease, and much more. The cardboard shipping containers themselves are made out of paper, which means they are lightweight, inexpensive, but unfortunately not very sturdy. The wax coat enhances the durability of the box and maintains the aroma of the shipped item. The paraffin wax can be applied to the cardboard shipping containers in one of two ways: spraying and curtain coating. Spraying the wax involves saturating the corrugated board to create a thick layer, while curtain coating involves cardboard shipping containerspassing a board through a “curtain” of falling wax to create an even, secure mask.

A great added feature wax containers provide is their environmental impact. Cardboard is a plant-based product so waxed cardboard can find use as compost, or be recycled into items such as synthetic fire logs. Choosing to purchase cardboard shipping containers over plastic ones simultaneously provides your employees and customers with a user-friendly product while protecting our earth.

All in all, waxed cardboard shipping containers require a small investment and deliver a large return. They are available in all shapes and sizes: corrugated containers or boxes, folding cartons, wrappers, bags, and pouches just to name a few. Wax containers are growing in popularity and are quickly becoming a favorite among the masses. Similar to standard containers, they can be printed with designs or writing and used as advertisement for your company. Whether you need to send a 200lb swordfish or a small box of clams, the wax cardboard shipping containers provide storage, protection, and promotion for your products and brand.